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10 Do’s and Don’ts for Your Air Conditioner!

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Follow Our Quick, Easy Guide to Stay Cooler

In the early ’80s, there was a song called “Are You Ready for the Summer?” from the movie, “Meatballs.One line in the song asked: “Are you ready for the hot nights?” It’s a lyric that pops into our heads every time summer rolls around and the temperatures start to sizzle. Why? Because that’s when customers start calling nonstop about air conditioning replacement in Mantorville, MN and beyond. And when they call, we know they weren’t ready!

So, here’s our question for you: Is your home prepared for the blazing Rochester days and hot, steamy nights? At Tonna Mechanical, we have tricks to make sure you are ready—especially when it comes to your cooling maintenance. Here’s a list of 10 air conditioning do’s and don’ts we’ve compiled over the years—guaranteed to keep you in the cool zone all summer long.

Do These:

Call for an AC tune-up!

This should be your first line of defense when summer arrives. Fine-tuning your system before the heat hits will reduce potential problems later on and result in a well-run cooling system.

Check the thermostat

Make sure your thermostat is calibrated properly. When it’s inaccurate, it could cause your utility bills to increase. If you are unsure how to calibrate your thermostat, call our Tonna pros for assistance.

Change filters

We can’t stress enough the importance of changing your filters. Try to change them every time the seasons change.

Maintain refrigerant levels

Once again, call Tonna at 507.216.4610 if you need help in this area.

Utilize ceiling fans whenever possible

Keep rooms cool and keep air circulating with ceiling fans.

Close those blinds

Shut curtains and shades to lock in coolness—especially during the hottest hours of the day.

Don’t Do These:

Tamper with electrical connections to refrigerant lines

Not that we think you’d attempt this, but sometimes homeowners think they can fix a cooling problem by tinkering with the refrigerant connections. Try to avoid this. Call our professionals instead!

Allow overgrowth to surround your outside unit

Clear away debris from the outside unit that may have accumulated over the winter months.

Neglect your air filters

Don’t let air filters get dirty. It’ll only cause inefficient cooling and higher bills.

Constantly change your cool settings

Don’t continually fiddle with your cool settings. Choose a comfortable temperature and stick with it. Your utility bill will thank you.

Don’t Lose Your Cool—Call Tonna!

When thing heats up—especially in your home—you know it’s time to call Tonna and let us bear a hand with AC repair or AC installation in Plainview, MN and the surrounding areas. After all, we aren’t just Rochester’s most well-loved air conditioning, heating and plumbing giant. We’re also in the running for the 2019 Best of the Best by the Post-Bulletin. That’s right! Tonna Mechanical has once again been nominated in the Best of the Best contest in both the heating & air conditioning and plumbing categories. Please vote for us today! Voting runs through July 14!