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5 Fun & Simple Tips for Summer Energy Savings

With summer waiting in the wings, Southeast Minnesota water and AC bills are poised to rise. Make plans now to tighten up the utility budget. When you get aggressive about energy savings, you’ll also reduce your home’s carbon footprint. It’s good for your wallet—and great for the environment! Remember these easy, proven tips to enjoy lower summer utility bills:


  1. Use the summer breeze to dry your clothes. Clothes dryers cause extreme wear to your clothing, and eat up energy you could put to use elsewhere. It costs roughly $1 to dry a load, which adds up quickly over the course of a month. Consider a retractable clothesline or a simple drying rack, instead. Sunshine kills dust mites and germs, and helps to fade stubborn stains. If you must use your dryer, don’t overload it and remember to clean the lint filter after every load to optimize efficiency.
  2. Create a salad and grilling menu for summer. Summer is a great time to avoid cooking and keep your home cooler. Get the whole family involved with selecting new recipes that use the grill and microwave. Experiment with fresh salads, garden produce and homemade dressings, or visit recipe websites offering no-cook menus for hot summer days.
  3. Use fans properly. Fans cool people, not rooms. Running ceiling or box fans when people are not in the room is a waste of energy. When you occupy a room for prolonged periods, turn fans on to create an affordable wind chill effect. Purchasing a new ceiling fan? Look for the ENERGY STAR® label. ENERGY STAR-rated fans move air about 20 percent more efficiently than other types.
  4. Put motion detectors or timers on outside lights. Many Minnesota residents leave outdoor lights on 24/7, costing themselves and additional $1 to $1.50 per day. Motion detectors and timers can drastically cut electricity bills while keeping your home safe after dark.
  5. Lower your water heater to 120 degrees and insulate your water pipes. For additional savings, place a timer in the bathroom to keep family shower times to a minimum.


Save Even More With a Tonna!

At Tonna Mechanical, our team is happy to provide additional energy-saving tips during your HVAC tune-up and inspection. Routine HVAC and plumbing maintenance helps to maintain the performance and energy efficiency of your home comfort systems, and our affordably priced annual maintenance plans are a no-hassle way to increase the life of your heating, AC and plumbing equipment. To schedule a consultation or speak with a team member, call 507-216-4610 today!