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Avoid Thanksgiving Mishaps This Turkey Day!

Gobble Up Our Six Plumbing Tips

Each year prior to Thanksgiving, viewers from around the country anxiously await one of the year’s most anticipated events—the Macy’s New York City Thanksgiving Day Parade! But even New York’s most celebrated parade has had its share of meltdowns since its inception in 1924. From a stunt plane flying into the 60-foot Tom Cat balloon in 1932 to Kermit the Frog’s balloon head popping on high tree branches in 1991, the Big Apple has endured its fair share of mishaps on Thanksgiving Day!

How about you? Does your traditional Thanksgiving dinner have annual misfortunes that add stress to your family’s holiday meal? We hope not. But with all the kitchen activity going on in your home during this holiday, this is always a possibility. So, heed our warning now: Be certain your plumbing is up to par for your family and friends. After all, no one wants to call for plumbing services in Byron, MN, on Turkey Day if your pipes are frozen or your guest bathroom toilet overflows. You have too many guests and too much cooking going on to stop and make time for plumbers in Rochester, MN!

A Plate Full of Valuable Advice

The week prior to Thanksgiving is filled with plenty of preparation—pies are baked, stuffing is made, centerpieces are created and casseroles are cooked. Even the most inexperienced Thanksgiving Day host knows one thing—preparation is a must. The same consideration should be given to the indoor comfort of your guests. To avoid unexpected plumbing disasters on Turkey Day, take a peek at our six tips.

Six Ways to Avoid Plumbing Calamities on Turkey Day

  1. Inspect your guest bathroom a week or two before Thanksgiving. Flush toilets and run faucets to be sure they’re functioning properly.
  2. Test your garbage disposal so nothing gets backed up if your guests clear their plates over the sink.
  3. Check outdoor pipes. Be sure they aren’t frozen or cracking from cold weather.
  4. If guests are staying overnight, test the guest shower and make sure the drain is free and clear of blockages.
  5. Keep an eye on your water. Be sure it remains clear and doesn’t turn colors or taste funny!
  6. Call for a maintenance check by a master plumber at Tonna!

Tonna Can Deliver a Cornucopia of Help—Just Call Us!

Of course, if you do need emergency or plumbing services in Byron, MN, on Turkey Day due to furnace issues or plumbing problems, Tonna offers emergency service for just this reason. If discretion is a must, try our new text messaging feature that is easily accessible from our website. This new feature allows you to quickly start a conversation with a highly qualified Tonna customer service representative. The feature is an easy, convenient way to communicate with a representative who will take your name and number and then start a text conversation with you to lend further assistance.