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Back-to-School Shopping Time Is Here!

First day of school

What to Look for in a New HVAC System

It’s already August, which means the new school year is approaching quickly. And a new school year brings with it many things—from earlier bedtimes and yellow school buses to every kid’s favorite pastime—back-to-school shopping! If you’re like most folks, you enjoy a good sale while shopping. After all, who doesn’t appreciate plenty of discounts when looking for those “just right” classroom supplies and the trendiest new clothes? We know we do!

Once the kids are prepped for the upcoming year, it’s time for mom and dad to consider shopping, too. And if a new heating and cooling system is on your list, we’ve got shopping tips and budget-friendly discounts.

Five Hot and Cool HVAC Tips

OK, we understand that the purchase of a new HVAC system isn’t typically something you want. It’s usually something you need. But don’t worry, Tonna Mechanical always has your back. Loyal customers know we’ve been their go-to plumbing company in Dodge Center, MN, since 1976—and we’ll be there for you when you need HVAC service, too. The truth is—Tonna cares! So, when the time comes to install a new HVAC system, we want to make the process as painless as possible. A new system is a big investment, so be sure you have all your bases covered before making that big purchase.

Here are five things to keep in mind when shopping for a new HVAC system:

  1. Energy efficiency: We recommend choosing a top SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating). If you do, the system will pay for itself over its lifespan. If you don’t know, SEER relates to how much energy (and money) an AC unit will use in operation over a year’s time. The higher the SEER number, the more efficient the system.
  2. Cost: We know that investing in a new HVAC system isn’t cheap. But don’t choose the cheapest model just to save money. A little more money can pay off through advanced features and greater energy efficiency.
  3. Size: An improperly sized HVAC system will not work efficiently. The best way to know the proper size for your home is to have a qualified HVAC tech from Tonna come out and do a formal assessment. We will consider such things as the square footage of your home, the number of windows you have, occupancy, insulation, wall thickness, etc., before giving you a recommendation.
  4. Reliability: To feel comfortable with your new HVAC choice, talk to friends and family about their system and read online reviews. You’ll get a good idea of system quality, common issues and even longevity. Also, ask our HVAC techs which brand they would install in their own homes. It’s a good bet they know exactly what they’re talking about!
  5. Features: If you’re the type of person who loves technology and gadgets, today’s HVAC systems have many new features. From smart thermostats and filter change indicator lights to fan-only switches and variable speeds, there are many modern-day options.

A Tonna Help Is Here!

Sometimes back-to-school shopping makes you feel like you need financing assistance! And sometimes your new HVAC system actually does. While we can’t help fund your new school supplies, we can offer:

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