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Choose Your Happy Ending With Tonna Mechanical

Discover Value In a Tale That Has Yet To Be Told

If there’s one thing that life offers plenty of, it’s choices. When all of the possibilities seem endless (and perhaps, overwhelming), there is a way to make your decisions easier. To help prove our point, we want to share with you an untold story that might sound a bit familiar.

A Journey To “Just Right”

Once upon a time, there was a family of three bears that no longer felt cozy in their cave. Knowing that something was wrong, they decided to call a professional for help.

As soon as the technician walked through the door, he pointed out everything that was wrong in the cave except the actual problem itself. Feeling frustrated and mislead, Papa Bear asked, “Are you a Repair Bear, or a salesman?” Needless to say, the visit did not end with happily ever after.

The next day, a technician from a different business arrived for service. At first glance, the outcome seemed promising. But once this Repair Bear began work in the cave, it was clear that he was still halfway in hibernation. Carelessly poking around the family’s equipment, a piece suddenly snapped and broke to pieces! Hopping onto her hind legs, Mama Bear said to the amateur, “No, you must go.”

Feeling defeated, the three bears scratched their fur and pondered what to do next. Suddenly, Baby Bear asked, “Why don’t we see who the other animals trust?” Figuring that it was worth a shot, the family turned to their neighbors in the forest for help. Regardless of species, age and habitat, each furry friend responded with the same name: Tonna Mechanical.

This time, things played out quite differently. The moment that the Tonna Repair Bear arrived, it was clear that he was putting his best paw forward. Before the family could ask, “Would you like some porridge?” the problem was already addressed and resolved.

Enjoying their comfortable home once again, Mama Bear turned to Papa Bear and said, “This company is ‘Just Right’.”

The Team That Stands Out Among The Rest

With nearly every story, there is a lesson that’s learned. Though they had many different Repair Bears to choose from, the family found its happy ending with the team that had both the reputation and the drive to be the very best.

Serving the Rochester area for 40 years, Tonna Mechanical is the name that locals remember and recommend to their friends and family. For every heating, cooling, plumbing and water treatment problem that you have, our team is always nearby to bring your home comfort back in full swing.

All of our NATE-certified technicians demonstrate the skill and integrity that you need to feel comfortable welcoming them into your home. Working with your wishes and budget in mind, we never walk out of the door until you’re completely satisfied. Arriving for service as experienced and honest professionals, we effectively resolve the problem without upsells—without exception.

Rewrite Your Home Comfort Story With Tonna Mechanical

To skip the roadblocks and choose “just right” from the start, fill out our online form or call Tonna Mechanical at 507-216-4610 today.