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Create a Cozy, Warm Valentine’s Month at Home

Kids Making Crafts

Plus, Save Money With These 5 Tips!

This Valentine’s Day—and all month long—combine your love for your significant other with your love for saving money! That’s right. As you make those romantic plans, don’t forget to add some extra spice to your routine. How? Surprise your Valentine with the sweet news that you’re also going to save money on that energy bill! In terms of romantic gestures, what could be better than that?

To get the most out of your heating system in Pine Island, MN, while still saving a few bucks, Tonna experts are offering a warm list of tips—both romantic and budget-friendly—to follow this month. So, grab your sweetheart and check out our list of money-saving methods!

Tonna’s 5 Hot Tips for Saving Money This Valentine’s Day:

1. Cook your sweetheart a hot meal.
Saves money how? A nice home-cooked meal will put a smile on your significant other’s face. Plus, the extra heat from the meal prep allows you to lower your thermostat for the evening!

2. Light some candles.
Saves money how? There’s nothing more romantic than candles to set a cozy mood. Turn the lights down, light some candles and save on electric for the night!

3. Build a fire.
Saves money how? Snuggling up to a warm fire isn’t only romantic. It allows you to lower the temperature on your thermostat, too. Use this method of old-school heating to save a few bucks—while rekindling that romantic spark!

4. Buy your sweetie a programmable thermostat.
Saves money how? There’s no better way to turn up the heat than with a smart thermostat. These systems “learn” your preferences and help increase your system’s efficiency by up to 10 percent! Plus, they reduce energy consumption.

5. Call for a furnace tune-up.
Saves money how? This one is a no-brainer! A good tune-up prevents breakdowns and improves the efficiency of your heating unit—so you save money each month! When you schedule regular tune-ups twice a year, you can easily cut back on the unexpected need for heating repair in Spring Valley, MN.

More Ways to Combat That Deep Chill

At Tonna, we know that staying warm in the midst of a Rochester winter can be a challenge. But we hope our list of cozy tips helps ease the bitter chill. Remember, though, if you’re not experiencing the indoor comfort you desire this winter, there could be a deep-seated reason you’re left out in the cold. When your heating system shows signs of wear and tear and issues persist, it could signal a more serious problem— like the need for a heating replacement. Don’t delay. Call the Tonna heating experts when these problems arise. Our technicians are available 24/7 for all of your heating needs!