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December Delivers Sweet Heat


And Tonna Unwraps the Secrets of Home Warmth

When it comes to being sweet, December surely falls in line as one of the sweetest months around. There are cookies to bake, fudge to whip up and even dessert drinks to sample. Mmm… And just when we thought December couldn’t get any sweeter, we’ve uncovered an array of additional holidays to celebrate this month. So, even when you need to make an unexpected call for heating repair in Spring Valley, MN, there’s still some tasty fun in December to brighten your spirits. That’s right. Along with all of the month’s traditional celebrations, there are a bunch of other very sweet national days, too. These include:

  • 15 National Cupcake Day
  • 16 National Chocolate Covered Anything Day
  • 17 National Maple Syrup Day
  • 19 National Hard Candy Day
  • 28 National Chocolate Candy Day

Getting a cavity yet? From cupcakes and chocolate to syrup and hard candy, these celebrated days are filled with one thing—sugar! Sugar is the main ingredient that makes all of these days super sweet.

Which got us thinking: What is the main ingredient in your heating system? What makes each system run so sweetly? Let’s take a closer look.

Let’s Take a Deep Dive Into the Key Ingredients

When it comes to home ownership, one thing is for sure: Heating and cooling are our biggest energy expenses. So, when choosing or upgrading your heating system, it is critical to pick the most energy-efficient system for your home. After all, don’t you deserve to get the sweetest warmth for your heating buck?

Below are the most common types of heating units found in today’s homes—along with our sweet tips on helping you discover which one works best for your cozy abode.


Main ingredient: Forced air

What makes the furnace a sweet choice: The furnace is probably the most common choice in American homes today. Its sweet ingredients include propane, electricity, oil or natural gas. Any of these fuels can heat the air in your home and push warm, forced air through ducts, where it is then released into your home. Because it has a lower initial cost and can utilize the same duct system for heating and cooling, it is a great choice for many homeowners. 


Main ingredient: Hot water

What makes the boiler so sweet: A boiler heats your home through the use of water. Water is first heated in a tank and then sent through your home’s pipes to heat your space. Since it doesn’t need ductwork, the boiler is highly efficient. Its quiet functionality also makes it a candy-coated winner.

Heat pumps

Main ingredient: Outside air or indoor air

What makes heat pumps a sweet deal: When it’s cold outside, a heat pump will pull heat from the outside and push it indoors. In warmer temperatures, it will take heat from the inside and push it out. Because a heat pump can be used for both heating and cooling, it makes an efficiently sweet option.

Need Heating Help?

If you’re considering upgrading your heating system or you’re in need of heating repair in Pine Island, MN or the surrounding areas, call our “just right” heating experts today to set up an appointment. We can deliver sweet warmth in no time flat.