Removing Excessive Moisture & Restoring Your Comfort

dehumidifier installation rochester mnAfter being lost in a movie marathon that’s been playing on TV for the past couple of hours, you manage to peel your eyes away from the screen and look outside the window for a few minutes. The overbearingly bright sunshine is reflecting through the window into your eyes, while a rainbow of colorful flowers act as the window’s backdrop.

Yet, neither of those things have your eyes’ attention—the window itself does.

Above the ledge, there is a large gathering of water drops that are sticking to the inside of the window’s glass. You’re positive that it didn’t rain last night and that particular window has remained shut all spring. So, where are the beads of water coming from?

The answer is on the inside. The excessive moisture level in your home is creating more than just an uncomfortable environment for your body; it has created visible signs of water accumulation in your home.

Thankfully, at Tonna Mechanical, we sell, install and service a wide range of dehumidifiers to remove moisture from your air and protect your home from possible humidity damage.

Lowering Humidity Levels

Allergy triggers, such as dust mites, mold and mildew, thrive in humid environments. Whether you are trying to counteract the naturally humid nature of the climate that you live in, or there is a specific room in your home that attracts more moisture accumulation, dehumidifier installation can help to eliminate excessive moisture from your home’s air.

You see, the ideal humidity level for a healthy home lies between 30% and 50%. When a home exceeds the 50% level, the air is deemed too moist, causing an array of effects on your home, and signifying it’s time to invest in a dehumidifier.

The Undeniable Signs

There are numerous signs that indicate when your home is in need of a dehumidifier installation, including:

  • Visible presence of water: Resonating in the form of damp spots, water stains, mold or mildew on ceilings or walls, and the growth of small black spots (e.g., mold spores) in sinks, bathtubs or showers, humidity accumulation can commonly be found in small living spaces with high humidity levels and poor or no ventilation. These spaces include bathrooms, kitchens in small apartments, basements, etc.
  • Noticeable musty odors: You don’t specifically see anything that’s causing a musty odor, but it likely indicates the presence of hidden mold and mildew. Thriving on moisture and collecting in areas where either a window is not sealed correctly or there has been seepage of ground water, mold and mildew have a distinct smell you can’t miss.
  • Deteriorating home accents: Your wood floors, trim and furniture are rotting and warping, completely diminishing their once durable stature. When wood and home accents retain moisture for too long, visible signs of damage become eminent.
  • Humid and uncomfortable home environment: Your home’s not just hot, it’s humid—creating an almost unlivable environment. The excessive moisture in the air lingers, leaving your body with a sticky, sweaty or clammy feeling.
  • High presence of pests: High-moisture areas are an ideal living environment for termites, cockroaches and other pests, transforming your humid home into a perfect environment for breeding.
  • Condensation accumulation: If water visibly gathers on a resting place, such as a window, then a dehumidifier is needed. Look for beads of water and vapor or fog on the inside surface of your windows, and you’ll be sure to discover where the most moisture accumulates in your home.
  • Presence of allergy symptoms: Excess moisture in the air can cause airborne allergens, such as dust mites, mildew and mold spores, to grow and spread, increasing the intensity of allergy symptoms.
  • Live in an apartment building: Even if you keep your living environment clean, mildew spores from other apartments can travel through the ventilation system or build up in the walls between adjoining apartments.

The Dehumidifier Benefits

Dehumidifying your Rochester-area home quickly eliminates moisture in the air and offers these additional benefits:

  • Reduced levels of allergens: Dehumidifiers reduce humidity levels, making your home less hospitable to allergens and eliminating the associated allergy symptoms. You can finally breathe easily.
  • Eliminate the presence of mold: Less humid air reduces mold development on your clothing, furniture, curtains, bed sheets and other linens around your home.
  • More comfortable air: Dehumidifiers reduce irritation to your skin and respiratory system, allowing you to breathe cleaner air and creating a more comfortable home environment.
  • Lengthening the lifespan of household objects: Your clothing dries faster, breads and cereals in your cabinets remain fresh longer, and less signs of rust or corrosion are present on inanimate equipment, electronics and tools around your home.
  • Reduce the need for routine home cleaning: The presence of dust and the overall number of times that you need to clean is significantly reduced after installing a dehumidifier in the moisture-stricken areas of your home.
  • Lower energy costs and increased system efficiency: Humid air forces your AC unit to work harder to simultaneously tackle cooling your home and removing moisture from the air. This inefficiency causes the unit to wear out more quickly and requires it to be repaired or replaced more frequently. By easing the burden on your AC unit, dehumidifiers help your air conditioner to run more efficiently and assist in lowering monthly energy costs.

The Ultimate Moisture-Depleting Solution

When your home environment’s air feels too moist, you can count on Tonna Mechanical to help eliminate that excessive moisture and restore a comfortable humidity level.

Whether you intend to simply reduce the moisture in a specific, poorly ventilated area, or you’re looking to decrease the overall sticky feeling of your home, Tonna sells, installs and services Carrier dehumidifiers in an array of sizes and models to meet your various needs.

Tonna Takes the Moisture Out of Your Home

Leave humidity outside; bring serenity inside. At Tonna, we strive to fill your home with air that’s easy on your furniture and your lungs—always.

To learn more about how you can remove excess moisture from your air with dehumidifier installation, schedule a free estimate online or call Tonna Mechanical at 507.216.4610 today!