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Are Electric Boilers a Cost Effective Option?

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How Electric Boilers Are Different From Other Boilers

Electric boilers are one of the two kinds of boilers. That is to say, there are two varieties of boilers—gas boilers, which are sometimes also referred to as oil boilers, and electric boilers. Although both gas boilers and electric boilers perform the same job, the methods by which they function differ. A gas or oil boiler runs on gas (or oil), whereas an electric boiler runs purely on electricity.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both gas boilers and electric boilers. With gas, there are a number of safety issues. The main problem with electric boilers, on the other hand, is that they are dependent on electricity. If you have a power outage, for instance, you will be without hot water for the duration of the outage. So, there are some things to consider before you decide in favor of one or the other.

Both electric and gas boilers are equally effective. This being said, electric boilers can, in many ways, be more cost effective. Of course, this is a relative position, and others may argue otherwise.

How Electric Boilers Compare to Gas Boilers, Cost-wise

When you shop around for boilers, you will immediately notice that there is a significant price difference between electric boilers and gas boilers. Gas boilers are a lot cheaper. To opt for gas instead of electric, then, would seem like the logical thing to do. After all, how different can they be? They do the same job, and a gas boiler is as effective and works just as well as the electric.

So, what is the difference?

It’s important to keep in mind that gas boilers are more cost effective only superficially. There are a number of issues that have to be addressed before deciding which kind of boiler is, in the long run, the most cost effective for your home and your needs.

Why Electric Boilers Are More Cost Effective than Gas Boilers

It’s important to note the risks that gas boilers pose can often be much greater than boilers that run through electricity. Gas has no smell of its own. The gas that comes from your stove has a certain odor because it must be present, according to regulations, so that we know it is there. If, for instance, your boiler bursts and the gas escapes, you are likely to be severely injured in a gas explosion. This is especially true if your doors and windows are all locked.

Another factor to compare is the prices of gas and electric boilers. Electric boilers are simply more expensive. As a gas boiler poses greater danger, there is a greater possibility that it will need to be replaced. Despite the initial investment for an electric boiler, it is likely to last you many more years than a gas boiler.

The reason it is more cost effective to go electric rather than gas is that despite appearances, gas prices are more prone to fluctuate than electricity. We can be sure electricity will cost less because it is such a common necessity, thus the rates for its supply are fairly low. Also, prices have bottomed recently and are likely to progressively increase in the future.

Finally, extra equipment is needed for a gas boiler—and this, again, hikes up the price. Gas boilers require flue to act as ventilation. With an electric boiler, you will not have to pay for flue.


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