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Fall Into Comfort This Season


Routine Heating Maintenance: It Works Like Magic

There’s a reason why people love fairytales so much: they’re a break from reality, a chance to step into a new world that’s much different from their own.

As exciting as they seem, fairytales are actually quite formulaic. Each one has the same basic elements, with a few twists here and there. In fact, you can find bits and pieces of fairytales almost anywhere—even in everyday life.

The Journey

With every fairytale, there’s an adventure. And with the start of fall, it’s time to embark on a new kind of journey: the comfort journey.

Take a walk around your home, and then caulk and seal any leaks that you find near your doors and windows.

One of the deepest money pits is a dirty air filter. To prevent your furnace or boiler from overworking itself, be sure to change the air filters twice per month.

Explore some other valuable tips, and how Tonna Mechanical can help you with each of them, here »

You’ve tackled all the DIY tasks, so what’s next? Stay tuned, this story is just getting started.

The Luring Evil


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If everything was peaches and cream, then it wouldn’t be a fairytale. The havoc has to come from somewhere. Just when you think all is quiet on the home front, evil is afoot.

Think back to all of those mystery shows that you used to watch. When the culprit was revealed, the perpetrator was often the last person you’d suspect. Well, the same goes for your heating system, too.

Your furnace keeps you warm on the coldest winter nights; but when you don’t care for it with routine maintenance, your once reliable friend becomes your greatest enemy.

At Tonna Mechanical, we don’t want your heater to backfire on you—and take all that warmth in the process. Thankfully, there’s a hero on the way, a “just right” solution to prevent your comfort catastrophe.

The Magic Touch

Even the best fairytale characters couldn’t do it alone. Before they could reach happily ever after, each of them needed a little push along the way. Your heating system is no different. Stepping in to keep your home nice and toasty, fuzzy bear and all, is Tonna Mechanical.

Just because everything seems fine on the surface, this doesn’t mean that your furnace is in good shape. In fact, your unit can be on the verge of a breakdown, and you wouldn’t even know it.

Working with these systems for more than 40 years, our NATE-certified technicians have all the tools to give your heater a fresh start. We enhance your system from top to bottom, handling all the nitty-gritty to ensure that everything is working just as it should be.

When you join our “Just Right” Comfort Club, you can spread the magic to all of your HVAC equipment, such as your air conditioner and water heater. Choose from our three premium packages; then sit back, relax and enjoy your comfort kingdom.


The Maintenance Moral

Time plays a factor in fairytales. After all, it’s not every day that these characters could leave their troubles behind and ride off into the sunset. Opportunity came knocking, and they chose to seize the day.

The same rationale applies with your heater. As the leaves are just beginning to change color, now is the perfect time to service your system. You don’t know what kind of shape your furnace is in—you do know, however, that every Rochester winter is brutal. Mother Nature won’t care that you neglected your furnace, and are now stuck in the cold.

Why put your comfort in such jeopardy? By planning ahead and giving your system the TLC it needs, you can rest easy all season long. Best of all, we look out for your budget every step of the way. With our maintenance service, we make your system feel good as new—at a price that you can feel good about, too.

Enjoy A Warm Winter With Tonna Mechanical

Life is all about balance: some parts are adventurous, while others are very predictable. There are plenty of moments when you can make your day as enchanting as a fairytale. But when it comes to your home comfort, there’s nothing better than predictability.

To give your heater the magical, “just right” touch that it needs this season, fill out our online form or call Tonna Mechanical at 507.216.4610 today.