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Get Your Home Ready for the 2018 NFL Season!

Family Watching Football

Prep Your Plumbing and Heating for Fall Parties

OK, football fans. The 2018 NFL regular season kicked off with the Minnesota Vikings beating the San Francisco 49ers in their first regular home game Sept. 9. With three more regular season games scheduled throughout the month, we are now in prime football season. Naturally, this can only mean one thing—fall parties every Sunday for die-hard fans!

And with the damp summer we’ve had plus the cooler temperatures we’ve been experiencing, it certainly feels like fall has already arrived—meaning chilly football weather has already taken over! So, before you crack open those beers, mix up those dips and order those pizzas, it’d be a good idea to plan for your party guests’ warmth and comfort. The easiest solution? Call Tonna for any plumbing services in Byron, MN or heating maintenance you might need before those parties kick off. After all, when your friends are huddling up around your big screen, you don’t want to have to punt if your plumbing or heating unit starts to fumble.

Don’t Have Your Party Blocked!

We all want our football parties to be successes. And for the most part—if our team wins—they are! But prior to opening your doors, you really should consider your home’s pipes. Your bathroom and kitchen sink are among your key players. You’ll need toilets that flush and sinks that don’t drip. Here are four signs that it’s time for plumbing repairs:

  1. Money woes. If your water bills have spiked, that’s a big tip off that something isn’t right.
  2. Poor water pressure. Have your showers lost water pressure? If your strong, refreshing stream has been reduced to a trickle, it’s time to call us.
  3. Mold on walls. Mold on your walls could be an indication that you have a broken pipe, which could cause mold to grow behind your walls.
  4. Hot water is cool. If your showers aren’t as hot as you’d like, our technicians can quickly resolve the issue.

Take One for the Team—Check Your Heating Now!

If the September temperatures continue to dip you’ll need your furnace to be in top shape, too. You don’t want a house full of guests who are too polite to tell you the chill they’ve acquired isn’t from the cold beer! Get a furnace tune-up before your system tanks so your football viewing will be warm and cozy.

If you’ve noticed:

  • Noises coming from the furnace
  • Inconsistent heating throughout your home
  • Higher utility bills
  • Extra calls and repairs over the years for replacement parts
  • Excessively dry indoor air

…then it’s time for a Tonna professional to make a house call and repair your system!

Whatever your needs may be, from plumbing and heating issues to air conditioner installation in Chatfield, MN, Tonna’s NATE-certified technicians can tackle all of your issues. Call us today at 507.216.4610.