Heat Pump Maintenance

Maintain Your Investment

Playing “Who Can Collect the Biggest Pile of Leaves?” is an efficient (and sneaky) way of getting the kids to help you rake the lawn during the fall season.

You know what else is efficient? A heat pump. That’s most likely why you’ve installed one in the first place. It helps to keep the interior of your home or business cool during the summer and warm during the winter. But, just as you keep your car running smoothly by changing its oil regularly, your heat pump needs some TLC, too.

Thankfully, the Tonna team has got you covered. Not only do we install, repair, and replace heat pumps, we also work to maintain your existing pump so that you can get the most out it—season after season. With Tonna, you’ll always get honest and reliable service that’s “just right” for your home or business.

Our heat pump maintenance services include:

  • Checking the thermostat settings and system controls
  • Inspecting, cleaning, or changing the air filter*
  • Ensuring the condensation drain isn’t clogged
  • Sealing off any leaky ducts
  • Lubricating the motor
  • Tightening any loose electrical connections

*To ensure that your heat pump works properly and that your utility bills don’t go up, we recommend that you check your air filter at least once a month. If you have any questions, a technician at Tonna can walk you through the proper steps in person or over the phone.

Schedule Heat Pump Maintenance in Rochester

Our experienced team of heating and cooling experts will check up on the performance of your heat pump regularly. Even if we didn’t install your heat pump, we have the knowledge of working with a variety of different pump models. You can trust that you’re getting the same exceptional quality of service with Tonna—every project, every time.

For more information regarding routine maintenance for your heat pump, schedule a free estimate online or give us a call at 855.89.TONNA today!