Hybrid Heat™: The Best of Both Worlds

Heat pumps are a great, economical solution. But alone, they can’t get you through a brutal Minnesota winter. That’s why Tonna Mechanical offers Hybrid Heat™–the perfect combination of power and efficiency.

Higher efficiency. Lower costs.

Hybrid Heat™ gives you the efficiency of a heat pump combined with the power of a traditional furnace. Using state-of-the-art technology, Hybrid Heat™ maximizes your system’s efficiency by coupling an electric Carrier heat pump (link to heat pump) with a powerful gas furnace (link to gas furnace) from Carrier. The result: higher energy efficiency and lower energy bills.

How Hybrid Heat™ Works:

Based on the weather, Hybrid Heat™ will automatically switch back and forth between the two options, reserving your Carrier gas furnace for only the coldest days of the year. In the summertime, your Carrier heat pump will serve as an extremely efficient, environmentally friendly air conditioner, cooling your house quickly and at less cost.

Hybrid Heat™ from Tonna Mechanical has several additional benefits:

  • Peak Performance – No matter the weather, your Hybrid Heat™ system will always perform at maximum efficiency.
  • Includes Infinity Control – With the Hybrid Heat™ system, you can program different comfort settings for when you’re home or away. Automatically adjust your temperature settings for different hours of the day.
  • Additional Accessories – Choose from a wide variety of additional air quality products to add to your Hybrid Heat™ system.
  • Easily Upgradeable – Tonna Mechanical can retrofit your existing heating and cooling system to enjoy all the benefits of Hybrid Heat™.


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