All of the Comfort. None of the Ductwork.

Mini-split systems—also known as ductless—provide cost-effective heating and cooling comfort in structures built without ductwork. In addition to their lack of ducts, they also offer a wide range of benefits over traditional systems. They’re quieter. Simpler to install. They’re also significantly more energy-efficient (costing up to 40% less to operate!), and do a better job of preventing contaminants than traditional systems.

Is my home a good fit for ductless?

Mini-split systems are ideal for older buildings constructed before air conditioning became widespread. Also, buildings with plaster walls, or brick facades are ideal for mini-split systems. Their versatility is unmatched.

Mini-split systems are ideal for a wide range of spaces including:

Sleek, compact and powerful, mini-split systems can be mounted on a wall or ceiling. Tonna Mechanical installs, services and maintains a wide variety of mini-split systems, including leading brands like Carrier.


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