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Tonna Mechanical installs, services and maintains a wide range of state-of-the-art thermostat and zoning solutions. We carry a range of options from Carrier and Honeywell, the manufacturers who provide the most value and quality.

Thermostats: Programming Comfort

The days of manually adjusting your thermostat are long gone. New, programmable models eliminate that hassle by allowing you set your thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature based on the time and day. This allows your system to run more efficiently, eliminating unnecessary usage and lowering your monthly bills.

  • Benefits of Programmable Thermostats:
  • Saves money on utility bills
  • Increases system efficiency by up to 10%
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Customizable date and time settings

Zoning Systems: Targeting Comfort

For even more efficiency and control, try pairing your programmable thermostat with a zoned heating and cooling system. Here’s how it works:

Whenever one area (or zone) of your house reaches a preset temperature, dampers in your ducts direct air to other zones. By individually controlling each zone’s temperature separately, you’ll increase efficiency and reach your desired comfort level faster.

Additional benefits:

  • Eliminate frustrating hot/cold spots
  • Increase system efficiency
  • Save money and reduce energy consumption
  • Get more control over your home’s comfort level

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Scroll down to view some of our most popular thermostat models and zoning equipment.

Carrier Infinity® Control

Most Powerful Comfort Control: Intuitive & Simple to Use

The revolutionary Infinity Control taps the power of the Infinity System. You’ll find unmatched access to every type of environmental control. Remote programming can be added as an accessory. Simply our best thermostat.

  • Intuitive prompts
  • Ideal Humidity System® for exacting comfort
  • Monitors air quality products
  • Controls fan speed
  • Controls ventilation
  • Day-at-a-glance 7-day programming
  • Large, easy-to-push buttons
  • Models available with Remote Access for Internet or phone access
  • Models available with up to 8-zone capability
  • TrueSense™ Dirty Filter Detection
  • 10-year parts limited warranty when properly registered
  • System maintenance reminders
Carrier Edge® Programmable Thermostat

Great Looks and Brains: Programmable Thermostat

The Edge Programmable thermostat is an ultra-slim control that borrows style from high-end photo frames. It provides precise temperature and humidity control, and it can be customized to your home décor. It can support HYBRID HEAT® dual fuel systems, too.

  • Optional HYBRID HEAT® dual fuel compatibility
  • Personalized humidity settings
  • Optional ExP™ memory card and expansion port for personal computer programming
  • Compatible with two-stage heat pumps and air conditioning units
  • Easy replacement of existing thermostat
  • Customized settings for all seven days of the week
  • Four daily time periods for more temperature options
  • Vacation programming for optimum energy efficiency
  • Filter, UV lamp, humidifier pad replacement reminders
  • Large illuminated display highlighting inside temperature, outside temperature and time
  • Optional designer face plates sold separately
  • 10-year parts limited warranty when properly registered
Honeywell Prestige HD Programmable Thermostat
  • The Prestige HD Programmable Thermostat provides a high-definition, color display. The visual clarity of the display screen is three times better than typical thermostats.
  • Temperature Control on Demand – Sense and make adjustments from anywhere in the home (with Portable Comfort Control)
  • All-In-One Control – Controls temperature and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ products) such as humidification and dehumidication from a single control in the living space
  • Outdoor Temperature/Humidity – When used with a Wireless Outdoor Sensor, the outdoor temperature and humidity can be displayed on Prestige to help you prepare for your day and save money
  • Simple Touchscreen Technology – No hidden doors or complex buttons
  • Interview-Based Programming – Walks you through a simple setup process to program your heating and cooling equipment run time
  • 7-Day Programming – Allows separate programming for each day
  • Energy Savings – Program to save up to 33% on annual heating and cooling costs (If used as directed. Savings may vary depending on geographic region and usage)
  • Up to 5-Year Warranty when registered
Honeywell RedLINK Wireless Zoning Systems

The RedLINK™ story gets even sweeter when it comes to zoning. When used with our RedLINK-enabled TrueZONE® panels, our Wireless Adapter allows you to easily – and wirelessly – add zoning to a home or add more zones to an existing system.

  • TrueZONE® HZ432 or HZ322 panels are now RedLINK-enabled
  • Add a Wireless Adapter and Wireless FocusPRO® thermostats to easily zone a home without running thermostat wires
  • Works with the Portable Comfort Control to conveniently control every zone from one device
  • Works with the Wireless Outdoor Sensor to display outdoor temperature and humidity on all thermostats
Honeywell RedLINK Internet Gateway and Total Connect Comfort Service

Connect any RedLINK Comfort System to the Internet to provide your customers with remote access from their PC, smart phone or tablet* using Honeywell’s RedLINK Internet Gateway. You can count on Total Connect’s system performance alerts for a level of awareness and peace of mind that is unmatched — helping you to stay connected to your home or business whether you’re across the street or half way around the world.

  • Connects any RedLINK™ Comfort System to the Internet to provide you with remote access from your PC, smart phone or tablet
  • No monthly fee, free app download
  • Works with any Prestige IAQ / Prestige, Wireless FocusPRO and EConnect™
  • Remotely monitor and control your heating and cooling systems, including whole-house humidifiers and dehumidifiers – anytime, from anywhere
  • View/change system settings and access multiple systems/zones
  • Provides over 90 alerts through the Total Connect website
  • Upgrades automatically as new features become available
  • Powered by RedLINK™ reliability