Putting Moisture Back In the Air

Abruptly woken from a deep night’s sleep by the unexpected ringing of your phone, you quickly answer. A growling, scratchy voice echoes through your dry throat: “Hello?” Both you and the caller halt, befuddled by the sound; that didn’t sound like you at all.

You don’t feel sick, so you begin to question why you’ve consistently woken up with symptoms that suggest otherwise: dry and itchy throat, scratchy voice, cracked lips, and sinus irritations.

Even though you’re not ill, the exceedingly dry nature of your bedroom’s air is causing these physical symptoms to develop.

At Tonna Mechanical, we want you to be well. We strive to restore the moisture that the arid winter months strip from your home’s air. That’s why we sell, install and service a wide range of humidifiers.

Bringing the Moisture Back

Counteracting heating season’s effects, humidifiers restore moisture back into your home and allow you to maintain a more comfortable home environment.

The ideal humidity level for a healthy home lies between 30% and 50%. When a home’s air drops below the 30% level, the air is deemed too dry, causing an array of effects, and signifying that it’s time to invest in a humidifier.

The Irrefutable Signs

There are several clear signs that indicate when your home is in need of a humidifier installation, including:

  • Your home is always cold. Your thermostat is habitually set on high, sky-rocketing your heating bills. Yet, despite your heightened heating efforts, your home permanently feels one temperature—cold.
  • The accents of your home are weakening. The dry air is gradually damaging the finishing touches that make your home beautiful. The paint and plaster in your kitchen are cracking, the wallpaper in your bathroom is peeling, the wooden furniture around your home is losing strength with joints frequently failing, and the wood flooring in your living room is slowly shrinking and splitting.
  • Your body is experiencing physical symptoms. You or your family members are continually suffering from a sore throat, dry and itchy skin, cracked lips, itchy eyes, nosebleeds, and other sinus irritations.
  • Exceedingly high presence of static electricity. No amount of added dryer sheets or anti-static chemical sprays seem capable of reducing the abnormal static electricity shocks that are present in your home.
  • Musical instruments are losing their reliability. With a passion for music, you make it a habit to take exceptional care of your musical instruments. But despite your efforts, your instruments are constantly falling out of tune.

 The Humidifier Benefits

Humidifiers do much more than restore humidity to your air. Some of their noticeable benefits include:

  • Reduced risk of infections: Retaining a healthy humidity level can be the difference between getting the flu this winter and remaining healthy. Moist air makes it more difficult for viruses and bacteria to freely travel through your home.
  • Softer, more vibrant skin: Bring glowing, vibrant skin to your holiday parties and get-togethers, all winter long. Adding humidity to your home prohibits dry air from depleting moisture from your skin, reducing the presence of dryness, dullness, flaking and accelerated aging.
  • Comfortable sinuses: Wake up with a more comfortable nose and throat. Humidifiers also raise your body’s resistance to bacteria and viruses, preventing stuffy noses and sore throats.
  • Faster healing times: Keeping your nasal passages and your throat moist shortens the length of time that you spend suffering from an illness, while reducing common symptoms, such as coughing and sneezing.
  • Healthier houseplants: No more droopy leaves and rapidly drying soil. Moisture keeps houseplants healthy, so they can continue to assist in improving your home’s indoor air quality by removing toxins from the air.
  • Protected wood furnishings: Restore your wood’s integrity and durability. Moisture keeps wood furniture, doors and molding from cracking and splitting, enhancing their quality and adding years to their lifespan.
  • No growling morning voice: Humidifiers stop dry air from getting to your vocal cords, so you can wake up with a voice that you recognize.
  • Reduced heating bills: Moist air has a natural characteristic to feel warmer than dry air, allowing you to lower the thermostat to a more cost-efficient temperature (saving you money on your monthly heating bills).
  • Fewer electric shocks: Feel safe touching objects around your home again and leave the presence of dry air lightning strictly to the outdoors.
  • Improved sleep: Humidifiers may help eliminate you or your loved one’s snoring habit, reinstating your alarm clock’s responsibility to wake you up.

The Ultimate Dry Air Solution

Tonna Mechanical can help keep your air’s moisture level where it needs to be. Whether you intend to add moisture only to your bedroom or increase the humidity level of your entire home, Tonna sells, installs and services Carrier humidifiers in an array of sizes and models to meet your individual needs. Our experts will recommend the proper humidifier to restore your home’s optimal moisture level, eliminating the worry of dry air—for good!

Tonna Brings Moisture Back Into Your Rochester Home

Besides temperature, nothing affects indoor comfort levels more than your home’s ability to retain a consistent and healthy humidity level. At Tonna, we strive to help you reach and maintain that “just right” comfort.

To learn more about how you can add moisture back into your air, schedule a free estimate online or call Tonna Mechanical at 507.216.4610 today!