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In Hot Water: A Fairytale Backfires


Discover How a Town Used Their Water Heaters to Change the Story

Fairytale endings have a way of sounding very final. After all, how much more culminating can you get than, “The End,” written in big, bold letters? Take, for instance, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” The story ends with Goldilocks running into the woods, never to be seen or heard from again.

Have you ever wondered what actually happened to Goldilocks, and the unexpected turn of events after her encounter with the three bears? Her adventures uncover a valuable lesson about plumbing services in Rochester, MN.

The Story Continues


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Goldilocks thought that she was being sneaky when she broke into the three bears’ home. But, in reality, the town had already caught on to her mischievous ways long ago. The animals knew that the only way to make Goldilocks leave their neck of the woods was to make their homes less welcoming. So, they hatched a plan of their own, hoping that Goldilocks would take the bait.

After leaving the three bears’ home in a huff, Goldilocks longed to take a shower and remove the bear fur that clung to her clothes. But the little girl quickly learned that homes without a reliable water heater are uncomfortable.

Concluding that the town was a lost cause, Goldilocks ventured far, far away.

All of the woodland animals emerged from the shadows, overjoyed that the trespasser had fled and they finally could make their homes “just right” again by calling Tonna Mechanical. Read the full fairytale prologue and discover how Tonna Mechanical comes to the town’s rescue. »

Start Fresh With Water Heater Solutions

Here in Rochester, hot water is more than just a luxury: it’s a necessity. There are many different signs that indicate a faulty water heater, including:

  • Old age (between 15 to 20 years old)
  • Unusual banging and rattling noises
  • An inadequate supply of hot water
  • No hot water
  • Water that smells like sulfur
  • Pools of water surrounding the unit

No matter what problem you face, our plumbing contractors in Rochester, MN have the experience and know-how to quickly repair your water heater. Our 24-hour emergency service is also available when time is of the essence.

Many homeowners don’t know whether to repair or replace their water heater. Working with these systems for over 40 years, we thoroughly examine your system before reaching a conclusion.

Learn more about how Tonna Mechanical considers all key factors before making the right call for your system »

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Rochester winters can be unforgiving. And so, the last thing that you want is a broken water heater in the dead of winter.

As a member of our “Just Right” Comfort Club, our NATE-certified technicians give your system VIP treatment. Our “A Little Something Extra” and “Got You Covered” packages both include regular water heater tune-ups. With your membership, you can take care of your system now, and thank yourself later when the temperatures drop.

Make Your House Your Home with Tonna Mechanical

Your water heater plays a huge role in your Rochester home, affecting both your daily routine and overall comfort. At Tonna Mechanical, our full-circle plumbing services will optimize your system for peak performance.

To keep your water supply feeling “just right” year-round, fill out our online form or call Tonna Mechanical at 507.216.4610 today.