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Keep Your Home Cool Before the Technician Arrives


Here’s How You Can Bear It

It’s the middle of summer, which means you’re depending on your air conditioner now more than ever. So when your AC decides to check out and take a summer vacation, panic immediately sets in.

But there’s no need to sweat it out.

Here for you on those hot summer days, Tonna Mechanical provides 24/7 emergency services. We believe our customers deserve more than top-notch cooling and heating repairs in Pine Island, MN, and throughout Southern Minnesota. That’s why we make our services available to you day or night, rain or shine, winter or summer.

So when your AC goes kaput, how can you stay cool while you’re waiting for the technician to arrive? Here are some helpful tips and tricks to preserve that cool air for as long as possible.

Cooling Preservation 101

If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Don’t Cook in the Kitchen

This is one instance when you won’t want to cook a meal from scratch. Any heat-producing appliance, such as the oven or stove, can make your home feel very hot very fast. Instead of cranking up the heat, use the microwave or treat yourself to a nice meal out. You’ll thank yourself when you’re able to eat comfortably! 

Drink Up

What you consume can make a big difference in how you feel. Rather than drink coffee, tea, alcohol or other beverages that act as diuretics and cause you to lose water, opt for water or juice to stay hydrated.

Plug In Electric Fans

Time to wipe the dust off those old electric fans. They might not be enough to cool your home all summer long, but they can be a big help until the technician repairs your system. 

Shut Off the Lights

Lights do more than brighten a room—they heat it, too! Unless you absolutely need the lights on, shut them off until your system gets fixed. Anything that adds heat to your home should be powered down. And the lights are no exception.

Close the Curtains & Lower the Shades

Sunlight can be your best friend when the AC is working…but your worst enemy when it isn’t. Close the curtains and the shades to protect your home from those UV rays. It can make all the difference in keeping your home cool and comfortable.

Make Your Own Ice Pack

Want to know a fast and easy way to stay cool? Run some towels under cold water and throw them in the freezer. Wait a little while and then wrap them around your neck to beat the heat. It might not be fashionable, but it’s certainly refreshing!

Choose the Right Direction With Your Ceiling Fans

This is an important one. Since the blades on your ceiling fans are angled, it’s important to make sure they’re spinning in the right direction. When the air is hot, the fans should be blowing in a counterclockwise direction to lift the cooled air and circulate it throughout the room. Take a look at your ceiling fans to make sure you’re getting the most out of them.

Call Tonna Mechanical for Emergency AC Repair

We get it: a problem with your AC isn’t something you plan for. That’s why we’re here to repair your system 24/7/365. Whether you need cooling repair in the middle of a heat wave or heating repair in Spring Valley, MN, in the dead of winter, Tonna Mechanical is the team you can always trust with your comfort.

To request emergency service for your Minnesota home, call Tonna Mechanical at 507.216.4610 or contact us online today.