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Learn the Lingo to Become an HVAC Pro

Summer HVAC Tips

Tired of Feeling out of the Loop? Sharpen Your Knowledge with Tonna

It’s happened once again. You’ve had service done in your home, and felt like an outsider from beginning to end.

Sadly, many HVAC contractors take confusion as a free pass to recommend unnecessary upsells. Too often, folks shell out more cash than they need to because their lack of HVAC knowledge was abundantly clear.

At Tonna Mechanical, we’re not here to fool you. Instead, we want to help you become an HVAC expert in between routine professional service.

Explore below a selection of terms from our HVAC Glossary to discover how you can enjoy a higher level of home comfort—at a lower price.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)

Summer HVAC Tips

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There’s much more to your air conditioner than cool air. A unit’s SEER describes its seasonal or annual energy-efficiency.

Here at Tonna Mechanical, we’ve spent decades servicing every type of air conditioner imaginable. Using our experience, we evaluate your current system to determine if it’s truly serving you best.

Taking into account your unit’s SEER and all other relevant factors, our NATE-certified technicians recommend your “just right” solution. Whether your unit needs to be repaired or replaced, our 40 years of experience provides the high-quality service that you need to rest easy.

Learn more about how SEER is measured, here.


The most complex problems are often resolved with precision. Take, for instance, your air conditioner.

Known as “the heart of the system,” the compressor circulates refrigerant through your unit to cool the air.

In an older AC model, the compressor operates at a fixed capacity that causes the air conditioner to constantly overwork itself, and then turn off. As a result, the home’s temperature fluctuates throughout the day.

With modulation, the compressor operates at a much wider capacity, keeping your home within a half-degree of the set temperature.

As certified Carrier dealers, our Tonna team can install for you a new air conditioner that utilizes modulation. When your system works only as hard as it needs to, it exerts minimal energy and ultimately, leads to minimal utility bills.Summer HVAC Tips


In the midst of summer, humidity is a greater enemy than the heat itself. Measuring the amount of moisture in the air, Rochester’s humidity rapidly increases in the warmer weather.

Oftentimes, older air conditioners do not have the capabilities to properly combat humidity. If you’ve had your unit for 10 to 15 years, it may be time to install a new system that can properly control the humidity. With our trusted installation service, our Tonna team can guide you toward the system that will best suit your home.

Heat Pump

Heat pumps can be used for both heating and cooling purposes. Catering to your comfort needs and budget, heat pumps provide enhanced energy efficiency.

To stay snug through every Rochester winter, we recommend combining your gas furnace with a heat pump as a dual-fuel system. Then, when summer comes rolling in, you can also use your heat pump to cool your home.

Team up with Tonna Mechanical for “Just Right” Comfort

Learning more about your HVAC equipment helps you sharpen the tools for battle. However, in order to achieve complete comfort victory, you need the experience and guidance of a professional.

To bring your home back to feeling “just right”, fill out our online form or call Tonna Mechanical at 507.216.4610 today.

Summer HVAC Tips