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What Does It Mean to Be NATE-Certified?

Discover What It Means To Be NATE Certified - Tonna Mechanical

One of the many service standards that Tonna’s team of expert technicians maintains is a NATE certification. And while it’s widely understood amongst the HVAC-R industry, the average customer may still be unaware of what a NATE certification specifically entails.


A Bit of Background:

NATE officially stands for North American Technician Excellence, which was founded over 15 years ago. NATE is the leading certification program for technicians in the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC-R) industry. It was created in response to a growing concern between customers, manufacturers, and service professionals over the quality of work being performed.

The population was unhappy with the average level of service being performed and the costly amount of unnecessary repairs, misdiagnosed systems and improperly serviced equipment.

NATE marked the overall standardization of several certification tests by a few different service-focused organizations already in existence. With recognized industry experts at the helm and over 20 separate national organizations, NATE coordinates a series of comprehensive tests on aspects that technicians are likely to encounter, need to know, and should be aware of to perform their duties to the best of their ability. Certifications last for two years and must be renewed after expiration, ensuring that the latest technologies and processes can be refined and tested. It has become a hallmark of the service industry and is now a part of over 32,000 technicians skillsets across the nation.


NATE and Tonna Mechanical

Every Tonna Mechanical Service Member is NATE certified, which means they are trained to handle all of your HVAC-R needs. Our technicians undergo a number of tests, both internal and through third party organizations, to ensure that our customers receive not only the best service known to the Rochester, Minnesota area, but the nation.

We recognize that as a customer, you have the ability to take your business to whichever heating and cooling company you so choose. Our relentless dedication to improving the knowledgebase of our technicians is our commitment to winning and maintaining your business, each and every day.


The Certified Rochester Minnesota Heating and Cooling Service

Apart from simply being NATE certified, the Tonna Mechanical team boasts a number of other industry-leading qualifications, affiliations and licenses. As a Carrier and Hellenbrand authorized dealer, Tonna Mechanical is equipped with the exclusive lineup of products and insider information to give you a cutting edge service experience. Check out our Carrier Cool Cash promotion (before October 15th) and learn how you can take advantage of the best installation savings around!