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The Need for Speed: Which Type of Furnace Is Right for You?

Reduce Heat Loss In Your Home This Winter With These Tips From Tonna Mechanical

Buckle Up and Take the Fast Lane to Comfort With Tonna Mechanical

You’re searching the web for a new furnace. As you browse the different makes and models, you feel overwhelmed by all of the options. After all, every furnace is more or less the same, right?


Truth be told, furnaces are about as different as the people who buy them. Ultimately, one of the key differentiators between today’s furnaces is speed. Single-stage, two-stage, modulating—what does it all mean?

When you choose a heating system that matches your comfort needs, your heater is more likely to work efficiently. As a result, you can avoid having to schedule heating repair in Spring Valley, MN, Rochester, MN, and elsewhere in Southeastern Minnesota.

Learn more about the different furnace speeds—and how to choose one that’s “just right” for you.


All systems go, all the time! That’s the power behind a single-stage furnace. Operating at 100 percent capacity, these systems turn on and off throughout the day as needed.

If you’re leaning toward a single-stage furnace, make sure you choose one that’s energy-efficient. As one of the area’s only Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealers, Tonna Mechanical can install the Comfort™ 95 Gas Furnace for your home. This single-stage furnace has a 95.5 percent AFUE heating efficiency. What does this mean? Whenever your system uses energy, 95.5 percent of this energy will go directly toward heating your home or business.


Let’s crank things up a notch! Often referred to as “two-speed furnaces,” a two-stage furnace operates with two distinct settings: low stage and high stage. You might be asking yourself, what’s the point?

Well, when your furnace runs longer at a lower speed, you save more money over time. Additionally, you can enjoy consistent temperature throughout your home. Say goodbye to those hot and cold spots!

The Carrier Infinity® 96 Two-Stage Gas Furnace runs on low stage up to 90 percent of the time. This allows your system to run more efficiently and keeps your home at a consistent temperature. Another added benefit is that two-stage furnaces operate more quietly than single-stage furnaces. You’ll be able to feel the difference of a two-stage furnace—without having to hear it.


If you’re looking for the best of the best, look no further than a modulating furnace. The fan in a modulating furnace continually circulates air throughout your HVAC system. This allows you to have better control over temperature and humidity because your system always has optimal airflow. Put simply, your home will be not too hot, not too cold, but “just right.”

Even when a modulating furnace isn’t on, the fan is always circulating air through your ductwork. And unlike most furnaces that keep the temperature within 4 to 6 degrees of your desired temperature, a modulating furnace can control the temperature within a half-degree of your desired temperature. Bull’s-eye!

At Tonna Mechanical, we offer the most advanced Carrier furnace ever made: The Infinity® 98 Modulating furnace. Powered by Greenspeed™ intelligence, the modulating gas valve responds directly to your home’s environment. The system delivers 1-percent adjustments between 40 and 100 percent capacity. With this level of precision, the Infinity 98 hits the mark for temperature control, energy efficiency, quiet operation and superior comfort.

Call Tonna Mechanical—We’ll Bring You Up to Speed!    

Not sure which type of furnace is right for you? Just give us a call! Our team will work within your budget and comfort needs to help you make the right choice. Best of all, you will save money in the long run with your new, energy-efficient system.

And if something goes wrong with your furnace this winter, we are always ready to help you with our heating repair in Mantorville, MN, Rochester, MN, and beyond.

To find your “just right” heating solution, fill out our online form or call Tonna Mechanical at 507.216.4610 today.