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New Year, New Boiler!

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Start the Year Fresh (and Warm) With a Brand New Heating System

Well, it was bound to happen. The New Year has arrived. With her entrance, she brings a brand new slate for 2019—which means it’s time to take control of your home’s comfort. If last year took its toll on your HVAC system, perhaps your goal in 2019 should be to upgrade your current heating unit with something more modern and energy efficient. After all, if you’ve needed numerous home heating repairs in Plainview, MN, or nearby the last few years, it probably means your current system is on a downward spiral.

Make 2019 All About Saving Money!

Are you in the market for a fresh new heating system? If so, let us ask you this: What is your No. 1 priority for heating your home? For the majority of our customers, the answer is usually “saving money.” So, here’s our tip: Any system that’s energy efficient is going to save you money and is a slam-dunk choice in our book.

This is why Tonna offers only the best and most advanced heating systems. If your current heater is faulty and you’re searching for an upgraded, efficient way to warm your home, Tonna has a variety of quality options that we install. Below are four great heating choices along with information on how they can improve your home’s comfort in the new year.

  • Furnace: A furnace installed by Tonna can help make those Minnesota winters much toastier inside. We are a proud factory-authorized Carrier dealer and we install highly efficient models that are 95 percent annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE)—meaning they will reduce your heating bills and help the environment, too!
  • Heat Pump: When you think about year-round comfort, you should think heat pump. This energy-efficient system pulls double duty when it comes to home comfort. It can heat your home in the wintertime and cool it in the summer—offering you the best of both worlds.
  • Boiler: For consistent home temperatures and multiple zone capabilities, choose the economical gas or electric boiler as your main source of home heat. This ultra-quiet, high-efficiency boiler provides consistent warmth, eliminating the annoying drafts of forced air systems.
  • Hybrid system: Tonna offers Carrier Hybrid Heat—which is the perfect combination of power and efficiency! With a hybrid heat system, you get the efficiency of a heat pump combined with the power of a traditional furnace. Hybrid Heat actually switches back and forth between options—depending on what your home needs due to weather conditions.

Turn to Tonna for That ‘Just Right’ Heat

The only thing more efficient than our heating systems is the service you get when you call Tonna for heating service or heating repair in Saint Charles, MN. The bottom line is this: Our job is to keep you comfortable. So, whether you need heating, cooling, water treatment or plumbing assistance, our ‘just right’ professionals can show up at your doorstop 24/7 and help with all of your home comfort needs.