Busted Pipes and Dripping Faucets—Fixed Fast

pipe replacement rochester mnYour drain is backing up. Your faucet is leaking. Your water heater isn’t working. No matter what plumbing problem your home or business is facing, it’s nothing to take lightly. After all, even the smallest issue can grow into a major headache if it’s not addressed quickly.

At Tonna Mechanical, our plumbing repair services in Rochester, MN, keep your plumbing running at peak performance. From your water line pipes to your faucet, our licensed plumbing experts service all areas of your home to ensure that your plumbing is in tip-top shape.

When Do I Need Plumbing Repair Services?

Some of the most common signs indicating necessary repair work include:

  • Your pipes are making loud noises. If your water line pipes are knocking and making unusual noises, there may be a pressurization issue. If the problem is not corrected quickly, it can cause your pipes to bend and/or spring a leak. Examining your pipes, our team will quickly determine whether your piping needs either repair or replacement service.
  • Low water pressure. If your water pressure has plummeted, this can indicate a clogged or burst pipe, or a damaged water heater. Most likely, your pipes will need either replacement or repair work.
  • Constant dripping. Quite possibly, the pressure in your water line pipes is too high. Constant dripping can also mean a drainage issue or a broken valve that controls the on/off setting in your shower or sink.
  • Slow drainage. If the water is not draining, this could mean that there’s either a broken pipe in your water line, or an overflowing pool of water in your main drain. With professional repair or replacement service, you’ll prevent mold from growing behind your home’s walls.
  • Water that won’t stay hot. Whether your water heater needs repair or replacement service, our Tonna technicians can quickly resolve the issue.
  • Oddly colored water. If the water from your pipes is anything other than clear, then there’s a problem. Our experts will quickly identify the issue, and then point you toward the right solution.

Our Plumbing Repair Services

faucet repair rochester mnTonna Is Always There in Times of Trouble

Here at Tonna, our 24/7 Emergency Services are the fastest in the Rochester, MN, region. This means that we will be there any time, any day—even on weekends and holidays.

Schedule Plumbing Repair Service in Rochester, MN

When you call upon Tonna for help, you can rest assured that our team will do the job “just right” the first time, every time.

To learn more about our repair services, request your free estimate online or call Tonna Mechanical today at 507.216.4610.