The Wrong Choice Can Get You In Hot Water

Water heaters have come a long way. These days, there are more choices, options and models than ever before. But despite all this, water heating is still the second-largest energy expense in your home, which makes it an important decision. The good thing is, you don’t have to make it alone.

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Tonna Mechanical Knows a Ton About Hot Water Heaters

Tonna Mechanical sells, installs and services all brands, makes and styles of water heaters for both residential and commercial use. From AO Smith tank style to Noritz tankless, you can always trust our team to steer you right, helping you choose the water heater that fits your space, budget and family size.

Here are just a few of the things to consider when purchasing a new water heater:

  • Tank vs. Hybrid. A hybrid, or crossover, water heater is energy efficient like a tankless water heater while offering the recovery capability and flow capacity of a conventional storage tank water heater.
  • Family Size. Make sure you select a model that can provide enough hot water for your entire family. You don’t want to be the one forced to take a cold shower.
  • Energy Efficiency. More energy-efficient models cost more up front, but their increased efficiency saves you money on your monthly bills.

Looking for a new water heater? Look no further. Contact Tonna Mechanical today to get started.