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Show Your System Love (And Avoid Repairs!)

Home Heating 101: Get The Most Out Of Your Heating Unit With Tonna Mechanical

Warm Up to Your Heater Using These Tips

February is a month for showing love and appreciating the most important people in your life. The question is: Are you showing the same regard for your heater?

There are, in fact, many things you can do to prevent repair work and increase your system’s chances of having a long, healthy life. Rather than waiting until you need heating repair in Kasson, MN or elsewhere in Southeastern Minnesota, prevent those problems now before they have the chance to happen.

Clear Surrounding Debris

Your heater isn’t shelf space—so don’t treat it as such! Clear any surrounding debris to make sure your system has proper airflow. This will keep your system operating efficiently and reduce the chances of something hitting and damaging your heater.

Take Care of Your Thermostat

Is there a thermostat war happening in your home? You might not realize it, but this can cause more than just family tension. Changing the thermostat too often can make your heater overwork itself and eventually break down.

Find a temperature that everyone can live with and stick to it. To enjoy ultimate control over your comfort, consider the benefits of programmable thermostats and zoning systems. These systems will improve your home’s energy efficiency and allow you to adjust the temperature in each zone accordingly. Talk about a compromise!

Pay Attention to the Signs

HVAC systems are designed to be consistent and reliable. So if you suspect that something is wrong with your heater, don’t look the other way. By ignoring the red flags, you also create an opportunity for minor repairs to spiral into larger, more expensive ones. Here are some things to look out for with your heating system:

  • Unusual banging or rattling noises
  • Less airflow
  • High energy bills
  • Yellow pilot light

If you notice any of the above, call us to identify the problem and get your heater working correctly.

Make Maintenance a Priority

Nothing prevents repair work more than seasonal maintenance. But as beneficial as maintenance is, many homeowners choose to avoid it. This neglect often results in expensive repairs, unexpected system breakdowns and excessive energy usage.

At Tonna Mechanical, we want you to get the most out of your heating system. With our “Just Right” Comfort Club, we give your system the care it needs to serve you best. Choose from one of our three options to find a plan that’s tailored to your comfort needs, budget and more. No matter which plan you select, each of our maintenance agreements are designed to:

  • Lower your energy bills
  • Optimize your system for peak performance
  • Maximize your comfort
  • …And much more!

Get the Most Out of Your Heater With Tonna Mechanical

You invest a lot in your heater—which is why you want to get as much out of it as you can. To make this happen, it’s important to be mindful of the little steps that go a long way.

And when you do need professional HVAC service—whether it be heating repair in Saint Charles, MN, or AC maintenance in Rochester, MN—Tonna Mechanical is here to fix the problem and make your home “just right” again.

To contact our team regarding your heater, fill out our online form or call Tonna Mechanical at 507.216.4610 today.