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Spring Cleaning Begins with HVAC

5 HVAC Spring Cleaning Tasks to Keep at the Top of Your To-Do List

Follow these 5 DIY Tune-Up Tips

Spring has (finally) sprung, and with it, comes spring cleaning. But before you bring out the dust mops and switch your thermostat to “cool,” make sure to add these tasks to the top of your springtime to-do list. The right HVAC maintenance plan will ensure that your system is well-prepared for the rising temperatures.

Spring Cleaning Tasks

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5 HVAC Spring Cleaning Tasks:

  • Check and replace filters. Air filters keep pollution and debris out of your HVAC system (and your breathing environment), ensuring proper and efficient operation. To kick seasonal allergies to the curb, check your air filter at the start of the season and replace it if needed. If you’re unsure of the correct filter for your particular system, contact a professional for guidance.
  • Clean dirt, debris or grass clippings from your unit. Using a low-pressure hose, clean out any dirt, debris or grass clippings that may have accumulated on the top or sides of your outdoor air conditioning unit.
  • Check the drain hole for signs of clogging. Located at the base of the cabinet beneath the evaporator fins, the drainage hole needs to be kept clear of debris in order for the air conditioner to work properly. If you suspect that yours is clogged, refrain from sticking a wire in the hole, as it may puncture the coil and release refrigerant. Instead, conduct a visual inspection, and then connect with a qualified professional who can help.
  • Make sure your doors and windows are sealed properly. This keeps heat and humidity from getting inside your home – and saves you money on your utility bills.
  • Schedule a maintenance appointment. While there are simple DIY tasks that you can perform on a regular basis, the trickier maintenance work should be left to a service professional. They will verify that all components are functioning properly, and repair or replace any faulty components. A professional will also check the refrigerant levels, clean the AC coils, test the thermostat, and more.

To learn more about how regular maintenance can ensure that your air conditioning unit is running “Just Right,” contact Tonna Mechanical.