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Spring Cleaning: Don’t Forget the Plumbing!

Spring is beginning to surface, so it’s time to throw open the windows, dust off the fixtures, and refresh your space. As you prepare to sweep, scrub and reorganize, it’s wise to add a “plumbing checkup” to your to-do list for Spring cleaning. Winter takes a toll on pipes and plumbing parts, and hidden issues can surface during the spring thaw.


Outdoor Plumbing Checkup

  • Inspect drains, gutters and downspouts. To ensure proper drainage and avoid mold growth after spring showers, hire a gutter cleaning service or plan to remove twigs, leaves and debris yourself. If possible, use a high-pressure hose or wand attachment to clean gutters more thoroughly.
  • Check the outside faucet. After the spring freeze-thaw season, inspect all outdoor hose bibs and faucets for cracks or leaks. Even small drips can drastically inflate monthly water costs over time, so it’s important to repair them promptly.


Indoor Plumbing Checkup

  • Inspect your sump pump for proper functionality. Rochester’s spring rains often force sump pumps to work overtime. Open your sump and pour a couple buckets of water inside. Make sure the pump turns on quickly and begins to efficiently remove the water.
  • Check bathroom and kitchen faucets and under-cabinet pipes for leaks. Small leaks can lead to big water bills and dangerous mold growth. Schedule a Tonna plumbing service visit online if you encounter drips or pipe problems.
  • Add sink drain filters to prevent hair, soap and debris clogs. These small strainers are inexpensive and fast to install, and offer cost-effective protection for your home’s plumbing system.
  • Check toilet-flushing mechanisms. If you have to shake the toilet handle or hold it down to drain the toilet, you may need to replace the flushing mechanism. Not sure how? Trust a Tonna tech to fix your broken toilets!
  • Inspect toilets for hidden leaks. Add a few drops of food coloring to the tank portion of your toilet. If color shows up in the toilet bowl over the next 30 minutes, you may have a leak.
  • Remove showerheads and soak them in vinegar. Over time, mineral deposits prevent efficient water flow. Vinegar is a natural way to break down deposits and dissolve mineral obstruction.
  • Clean lint from your washing machine trap. If your washing machine does not have a lint trap, check the drain for lint buildup.
  • Pour water down seldom-used pipes. This prevents nasty odors from entering your home through unused plumbing.
  • Set your water heater no higher than 120°F. Lower temperatures prevent scalding and reduce high utility bills.


Schedule a Spring Plumbing Inspection Today

Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Maintaining your plumbing system is a budget-friendly way to pinpoint small problems before they become expensive emergencies. If you don’t have the time or expertise to conduct a seasonal plumbing inspection, invest in Tonna’s affordable plumbing maintenance plans for home and business. Call 507-216-4610 today!