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Spring Cleaning: It’s Not Just for Closets!


It Bears Repeating: Cleaner Systems Work Better

Typically, March is a reminder that spring is on the way. The month brings happy hints of warmer weather. From those sporadic warm days to the patchy flowers that peek from beneath the ground, March is a tease for sure. We are constantly waiting for temperatures to turn “just right.” For many of us, this onset of changing weather triggers our annual reminder of spring cleaning. You know the drill—out with the old and in with the new.

But bear in mind, these yearly rituals shouldn’t just be reserved for cleaner closets and tidier garages. They should apply to your indoor systems, too! Think about it. If you rely on your heating and cooling units, ductwork, air purifiers, water softeners and even your plumbing to work flawlessly, they should all be subject to spring cleaning—just like your closets! After all, if something goes awry and you need a cooling repair or air conditioner installation in Saint Charles, MN, or throughout the area, it pays to have it fixed before the Minnesota summer heat kicks in.

No. 1 Ways to Clean

You want your house to run like a well-oiled machine, right? Well, in order to do this, you need to keep things clean so they function properly. Below, we’ve listed the single best cleaning tips for each indoor system you might have. Make sure to follow through on each one so your home will operate “just right.”

  • Water treatment: Is your water clean enough? Change your cartridges once or twice a year to maximize your water quality.
  • Plumbing: Check your sump pump to make sure it’s working properly. Pour a bucket of water down into the pit and turn on the switch.
  • Air purifiers: Inspect your filter, replacing it if necessary. If you don’t need a replacement, order one anyway so you’ll have it on hand. When allergy season hits, you’ll already have a filter to switch out with the old so you can breathe easier.
  • Thermostats: Switch your fan settings and set the thermostat higher. Fans should be set to rotate counterclockwise, which allows you to bump up your temperature and still stay cozy despite the warmer weather.
  • Heat pumps: Inspect your ducts for leakages, dirt and obstructions.
  • Water softeners: Check the hardness of the system and clean the brine tank.
  • Heating and air conditioning: Call Tonna for an AC maintenance check!

Super Spring Savings for Your Cozy Cave!

Spring cleaning isn’t the only reminder we’ve dug up for you this month. As the seasons begin to shift, we’re here to remind you that you can also save money! Check out our new coupons and discounts. From service calls and water systems to HVAC needs and water softeners, Tonna offers four new March coupons to keep all of your indoor home systems running smoothly.

Showering You With One Last Drop of Savings

When March rolls out like a lamb, it will most likely give way to those April showers. Before that rain hits, consider an inspection of your drains, sump pump and pipes. Don’t let your spring and summer turn unbearable with clogged drains and backed-up sewers. Call our comfort specialists for emergency service repair or to locate a plumbing contractor in Rochester, MN, and the surrounding areas. Call now through the end of March and receive $25 off any service call! Call Tonna at 507.216.4610.