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Summer Is the Season of Waterworks

Kids washing Hands

Just Be Sure It’s Clean and Pure

Everybody loves summer—especially residents of northern states like Minnesota who often feel like their winters are neverending! In fact, just the mention of summer brings a smile to the lips of most Rochester residents and often conjures up images of fun, outdoor activities. There are beach vacations, days at the pool, boating trips, water balloon fights and kids dashing through sprinklers. Total summer fun!

So, is it any coincidence that summer entertainment is associated with water? We doubt it. Water is the cool splash of relief during the hottest months of the season. And at Tonna Mechanical, we have an obsession with water. Or perhaps we should say, we are obsessed with providing our customers the very best purified water and the cleanest drinking water systems in Kasson, MN, and beyond.

Water, Water Everywhere!

You know the feeling you get when you watch movies and see characters knee-deep in murky water? You cringe as you watch them wade through sewage in an underground tunnel and your lips curl in disgust, right? Those rough images of dirty water or people walking through sludge make our stomachs turn. Fortunately, with Tonna by your side, you can choose clean water and keep those scenes exactly where they should be—on the movie screen!

Poor water quality can lead to a multitude of problems—especially if you drink it. Contaminated water can cause gastrointestinal and stomach illnesses such as nausea, vomiting, cramps and diarrhea. Don’t let polluted water ruin your summer fun. Let Tonna evaluate your water for you. We offer free comprehensive water testing in Byron, MN, and the surrounding areas.

If your water does contain contaminants, our treatment experts can recommend the appropriate systems to address your problems.

Some of our solutions include:

  • Water softeners. If your water supply has a high concentration of iron and calcium, our water softeners will knock these pollutants right out! Invest in a water softener from Tonna through the end of June and save with our promotional coupon!
  • Reverse osmosis. This process filters out the bad stuff from your drinking water. It can remove sediment, heavy metals, volatile organic chemicals, salt, radium, viruses, bacteria, arsenic, chlorine and fluoride! Pure, clean water is just a sip away!
  • Water filters. Minnesota can be prone to hard water. For this reason, a water filtration system is the way to go. This system will neutralize acid water, reduce turbidity, eliminate unpleasant odors and tastes, and remove rust, chlorine and blue-green stains.
  • Ultraviolet water (UV) treatments. Ultraviolet light technology is an economical and chemical-free way to purify your drinking water without altering its taste. Essentially, UV water treatments inactivate certain bacteria within the water, so the result is fresher and cleaner tasting H20.
  • Chlorine pumps. Chlorine pumps will kill E. coli bacteria and crush sulfur odors so you can enjoy the cleanest tasting water in town.

Ready to Test the Waters?

If you’re finally ready to dive into cleaner drinking water, call Tonna Mechanical today! Our water department experts can advise you about all things water. When we stop by for water service, feel free to ask us about our $119 AC Tune-Up Special too! We’ll do whatever we can to keep you cool this summer. Call us today at 507.216.4610.