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Think Smart With Your Plumbing This Summer

Take Advantage of the Warmer Weather & Prepare Your System with Tonna Mechanical

If there’s one thing that summer brings, it’s activity. School is out, the grill is fired up and the pool is crystal-clear. Yet, with all of the festivities and commotion, your plumbing takes quite a beating.

That’s why, at Tonna Mechanical, our plumbing contractors in Rochester, MN, give your residential or commercial plumbing system the repair that it needs for a fresh start.

Showing “Just Right” Care for Every Plumbing System

It’s tempting to believe that your plumbing system works like magic. However, as you live with the luxury of hot water and steady water pressure, your plumbing works endlessly to keep everything running smoothly.

Therefore, it’s inevitable that, over time, your system will need some fine-tuning. That’s when Tonna Mechanical steps in to bring your plumbing back to its former glory.

From your water heater, to your gas and water pipes, Tonna Mechanical effectively repairs your plumbing system with the care that you can count on. Even more, with our 24/7 emergency services, our team is always there to make the repair. Simply put, we do it all—and we do it “just right.”

Our plumbing repair services include:

Act Now (And Thank Yourself Later)

To say that Minnesota winters are harsh would be an understatement. While a faulty plumbing system is an inconvenience during the summer, it can easily become catastrophic during the winter.

For example, compare living without hot water during the summertime, versus months from now when temperatures will drop. Rather than take the chance of losing your hot water when you need it most, get honest and beneficial guidance through Tonna Mechanical’s water heater repair services, and quickly restore the hot water in your home or business.

Or, perhaps your water pressure has weakened, and you’re hearing unusual noises coming from your pipes. Ultimately, what seems like a small change now can turn into a major expense when your leaking pipes freeze and burst in the colder weather. At the end of the day, now is the perfect time to address the things that seem out of whack—before the situation becomes out of control.

Enhance Your Plumbing with a Water Softener

Here in Rochester, MN, our water supply has a high concentration of calcium and iron. And so, as water passes through your pipes and into your appliances, these minerals create a buildup that often leads to clogged pipes. With a water softener, you’ll reduce the strain that’s being imposed on your plumbing system, and ultimately, minimize your plumbing repairs.

Schedule Plumbing Repair Service with Tonna Mechanical

As much as you like to control what’s happening in your home or business, your plumbing has a mind of its own. Rather than take your chances during the winter months, our plumbing services in Rochester, MN, and plumbing repairs will keep your system running smoothly, season after season.

To schedule your plumbing repair with our team, fill out our online form or call Tonna Mechanical at 507.216.4610 today.