Engineered for Better Quality

Tonna Mechanical is the Southeastern Minnesota’s only authorized Hellenbrand dealer. That means we are uniquely fit to work with Rochester-area manufacturers and industries, in order to provide you with the industrial water filtration system that fits your business needs, scale and budget.

Tonna Mechanical’s team of Water Treatment experts are familiar with the technology and tools that industry relies on for clean and pure water. We can custom-design a system for any application, meeting your service flow rate and backwash rate requirements.

Tonna Mechanical’s Water Treatment Experts provide:

Iron Curtain Filtration
  • Rated for continuous flow rates from 2.7 gpm to 476gpm @ 5/gpm/sq. ft
  • Chemical Free: NO potassium permanganate, salt, chlorine
  • Lower operating costs
  • Two tank system for higher flow rates
Multi-Media Filtration
  • Unique blend of filter medias for suspended solid removal
Sand Filter Systems
  • Traditional suspended solids removal media.
  • High silica content meets AWWWA-B-96 specs for industrial and muncipal water treatment
Brim Filtration
  • Efficient and economical media for reduction of dissolved iron and manganese compounds
  • Longer material life
  • Only requires periodic backwashing
Filter-Ag Filtration Systems: Your Choice for Suspended Solids Reduction

Filter-Ag is a non-hydrous silicon dioxide media which can be used as a highly efficient filter media for the reduction of suspended matter. Tonna Mechanical is proud to provide Southeastern Minnesota industries with Hellenbrand Filter-Ag Filtration Systems. They provide:

  • Efficient removal down to the 20-40 micron level
  • Large particle size creates less pressure drop, allowing deeper sediment penetration
  • Longer filter runs
  • Single tank top mount or Side mount


Learn more about Tonna’s Commercial Water Treatment services, schedule a free estimate online or call Tonna Mechanical at 507-216-4610 today!