Reliable, Economical, Deionized Water

For businesses that depend on pure water, Tonna Mechanical offers a range of Deionized Water Treatments, which effectively remove all the charged ions from water, for use in manufacturing, hospitals and more.

As the area’s only authorized Hellenbrand dealer, Tonna Mechanical supplies, installs and services a range of Deionized Water Treatment solutions to meet your needs and budget.

Our Deionization Water Treatment Systems Include:

Hellenbrand DI Cartridges

  • These Deionization Water Treatment systems have been developed in response to the requirements for deionized water in many industries.
  • Convenient and cost effective for many applications where low levels of TOC and total dissolved solids (TDS) are required.

Hellenbrand DI Tanks

  • Perfect for portable DI applications
  • Tanks available with Multiple DI In/Out heads with distributor assemblies and quick disconnect kits for most applications

Auto DI Systems designed for high purity water applications such as:


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