Iron Filters For More Purity. Less Rust.

iron removal system kassonIf you’ve ever noticed some rust-colored stains in your sinks, toilets and washing machines, you’re not alone. Here in our region of Southeastern Minnesota, we suffer from an unusually high concentration of iron in our water. The result is a sulfuric smell and metallic taste, and of course, those horrible rust-colored stains. And while ingesting iron from Rochester water isn’t harmful to your health (you could not drink enough water to consume toxic levels of iron), it certainly leaves its mark. And as homeowners, it’s those marks and stains we want to do away with!

The good news is, Tonna Mechanical is here to do just that! We can provide easy removal of those nasty rust stains. As the area’s only authorized Hellenbrand dealer, we sell and install Hellenbrand Iron Treatment Systems. They’re the ideal way to rid your home or business from the horrible tasting and smelling iron in our water.

Have you considered purchasing an iron treatment system? In the Kasson, MN, region, the investment is a good idea and the benefits are certainly worthwhile.

Benefits of an iron filter:

  • Removes sulfur odor
  • Gets rid of the metallic taste
  • No more brown/rust stains on sinks, toilets or washing machine
  • Increases the lifespan of your plumbing appliances
  • Fresh, clean, great-tasting water

Of course, in Kasson, MN, there is more than just extra iron to be found in our hard water. Minnesota water is also prone to high levels of arsenic, nitrates, manganese, bacteria and hydrogen sulfide. Yikes, right? Don’t fret! With Tonna Mechanical is by your side, cleaner water is only a water test away.

To determine exactly what is in your home’s H2O, Tonna Mechanical offers a multitude of water testing services. Let us test and diagnose your water problem and ease your worries. We have full-time water treatment experts to help perform tests and ensure that your water is a safe, pure and contaminant-free. Once we test your water and determine the issues, we can recommend a smart water-solution plan that will not only improve you water quality, but give you better peace of mind.

Super Removal Solutions!

What are our solutions? Great question! Aside from the above-mentioned iron filters, Tonna experts offer all of the following treatments to help improve water quality:

  • Water softeners
  • Water purification systems
  • Custom water treatment
  • Water coolers
  • Deonization
  • Salt-free water filters

‘Water’ Your Options?

Call us when you have questions concerning what’s in your water! At Tonna Mechanical, we are committed to providing clean, healthy water to your home or business. We have a dedicated water treatment department to handle all of your water quality needs and help with the removal of hard water contaminants. Customers in the Kasson, MN, area who are in need of iron removal from their water, can give us a call! We’ll take care of all of your water woes!

Schedule a free estimate for an iron filter online or call Tonna Mechanical at 507-216-4610 to install a new water treatment system!