Salt Free Water Filters—A More Efficient Approach to Water Purity

Due to the unusually hard water in Southeastern Minnesota, chances are good you’ve noticed a lot of irritating side effects. Clothes don’t feel that clean. Calcium builds up on your appliances and faucets. And your hair and skin lose softness and vitality.

Many treatment devices use salt to get the job done. But that has its drawbacks too. That’s why Tonna Mechanical sells, installs and services salt-free water filters. They’re efficient, affordable and they get the job done…while significantly reducing your monthly energy costs.

Benefits of salt-free water filters include:

Carbon Filters–Powerful Water Filtration

Ideal for homes and businesses, carbon water filters are a perfect choice for reducing and removing bad tastes, odors, organic chemicals, chlorine and disinfectant byproducts from your water.

Tonna Mechanical can supply and install your whole-house carbon water filter, to protect your water from chlorine oxidation damage. You’ll notice the difference right away with smoother skin and less dry brittle hair.

Carbon water filter systems are great for businesses such as restaurants, manufacturing and food service industries…any place where hard water can leave its mark and hurt your business. Food will taste better. Your dishes, pots and pans will be cleaner. And your appliances will last longer.

Don’t let Southeastern Minnesota’s hard water cause any more damage. Talk to a Tonna Mechanical representative today about installing a carbon water filter system in your home.


To learn more about Salt Free Water Filters, schedule a free estimate online or call Tonna Mechanical at 507-216-4610 today!