Stop Letting Your Water Weigh You Down

water softener system rochester mnEver wonder why your dishes always come out looking spotty? Or, have you ever been curious as to why your clothes feel scratchy coming out of the wash? Despite the initial thoughts that come to mind, your appliances are not to blame. Instead, the problem lies within your water supply.

Here in Rochester and Byron, MN, our water is a whopping five times harder than the national average! What does this mean for your home? Quite a bit.

What Is Hard Water?

Hard water is water that contains a high percentage of dissolved minerals, mostly calcium and iron. Though these minerals are invisible to the naked eye, they still leave quite a mark. With a buildup of hard water, your appliances will take a beating—leading to spotty dishes and glasses, as well as scratchy clothes. Despite the burdens brought on by hard water, there is something you can do about it.

Think Soft

Tonna Mechanical carries and installs a line of Hellenbrand water softener systems that will improve your water quality and comfort—and extend the life of your appliances, too. Before determining whether a water softener is the right answer, our water testing service in Rochester, MN, and Kasson will provide you with the answers that you need. Here are just a few of the ways that a water softener will improve your life, room by room.

  • Your dishes and glasses will come out of the dishwasher cleaner, with fewer spots.
  • You won’t have to use as much detergent in your dishwasher.
  • Your dishwasher will last longer, operate more efficiently and prevent future repair work.
  • Your ice and water will taste better.
  • Your glasses will be cleaner, and so all of your beverages will taste better.
Laundry Room
  • Your clothes will come out cleaner, and less scratchy.
  • Your whites will be whiter and brighter.
  • You’ll save on detergent because you won’t need as much.
  • Your washing machine will last longer, require less repair work and operate more efficiently.
  • Your soap will lather up faster.
  • You won’t have any ugly stains on your tub and faucets.
  • Your pipes will last longer, with less mineral buildup.
Everywhere Else
  • Your cleaning products will work more effectively.
  • Your water heater will be more efficient and last longer.
  • You will have less mineral buildup and therefore, less strain on your pipes and plumbing.

Do I Need a Water Softener, or Another System Instead?

Depending on what’s found in your water, you may or may not need a water softener. A clear indication that a water softener system is your best bet is if your water supply has a high concentration of calcium and iron. However, if your water test detects a multitude of other contaminants, our water purification systems provided in Rochester, MN, will remove these other pollutants in your water.

Tonna Tackles Every Water Softener Service

From installation service to repair work in Byron, MN, we cover the entire lifecycle of your water softener.

Looking to make the most out of your new water softener? As a member of our Comfort Club, you can add your water softener to any of our plans. This way, your system will work to the best of its ability, and avoid the need for future repair work.

Schedule Water Softener Service in Rochester, MN

Ready to make the switch to soft water? As the area’s only authorized Hellenbrand dealer, we can provide your home with a cost-effective, high-quality water softener that will help lighten your load of hard water woes.

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