Alleviating Discomfort That’s Hard to ‘Bear’

water softener installation kasson mnLife can sometimes be hard enough on its own. So, who needs hard water added to the mix?

Here in the Rochester and Kasson areas of Southeast Minnesota, our city water sources and wells have very high concentrations of iron and calcium. As a result, many homes in the Rochester area are plagued with hard water. With this sediment buildup, hard water does more than lead to itchy clothes and dirty dishes—it can also damage the piping that’s connected to your home’s most essential appliances.

Feeling as if there is no escape from your hard water, you fear that you will have no other choice but to settle with the water supply that you’ve been given.

But with a new water softener installation by Tonna Mechanical, you can free yourself from all of the frustrations of living with hard water.

Building Confidence with Accurate Water Testing

Before concluding that you need a new water softener, our water treatment department provides a thorough water testing service for your home in Kasson, Rochester or the surrounding area. If we discover high levels of iron and calcium in your water supply, you can rest assured that a water softener solution is the right investment.

Trusted Tactics—That’s The Tonna Technique

Having old equipment removed and installed is not exactly a process that homeowners look forward to. After all, if the service is not conducted properly, it can create unnecessary disturbance and disruption to your daily routine.

That’s why, when you call Tonna Mechanical for your water softener replacement and installation services, we provide not only valued work, but also just right service. Our highly trained, NATE-certified technicians treat your home with the respect and consideration that you deserve.

Working with all kinds of water softener makes and models since 1976, Tonna Mechanical possesses the unmatched expertise that you can count on to install your new, efficient system as quickly and accurately as possible. Tailoring our services to your budget and specific water treatment needs, our experts will help guide you toward a system that will alleviate your hard water problem at a price that you can afford.

Join Our Comfort Club & Keep Your System Going Strong

When you have a new water softener installed, you want to make sure that it always runs efficiently. Otherwise, your system becomes prone to more expensive repair work, and can even shut down entirely before reaching the average 15-year lifespan. Through our “Just Right” Comfort Club, you can add your water softener to any of our plans—which also include additional HVAC protection and priority service.

Banish Your Hard Water in Rochester

To send your hard water into exile once and for all with your very own water softener, fill out our online form or call Tonna Mechanical at 507.216.4610 today.