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water testing rochester mnTonna Mechanical has made a serious commitment to the Southeastern Minnesota communities of Rochester, Byron, Kasson and the surrounding area: we are on a mission to ensure that your water is always as safe, pure and contaminant-free as possible.

Putting Our Commitment to the Test

To accomplish our mission, we have a full-time Water Treatment Department that provides a wide range of water testing and water quality services. From a water softener system in Rochester, MN, to iron filters in Kasson, deionization treatments in Byron and more, Tonna Mechanical is always on-call to satisfy your water quality and safety needs.

Why Is My Water Not Up to Par?

Many factors can affect the quality of your water for your family, home and business, such as environmental water pollution, alkaline-contaminated water, and pharmaceutical contamination.

Specializing in water treatment solutions, our experts perform the necessary testing services, and then guide you toward the reverse osmosis system, whole house water filter, water softener or other system that will rectify the problem.

From water purification system installation in Rochester, MN, to water softener repair, we quickly provide the solution that you need, when you need it.

The Power of Water Testing

In the Rochester, MN area, both our well and city water sources can contain extremely high levels of iron and calcium, causing our water to be very hard. In addition, our water is prone to high levels of arsenic, nitrates, manganese, bacteria and hydrogen sulfide.

To determine exactly which impurities are in your water, Tonna Mechanical provides a variety of water quality testing services. From there, we will custom-create a plan of action to select the treatment that will best suit your needs and your water.

Through every testing service, our team will diagnose the problem, and then recommend a smart, cost-effective solution that will remedy your water.

Tonna Mechanical Offers the Following Water Treatment Solutions

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