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Winter Is Coming–Is Your Furnace Ready?

Is Your Furnace Ready For the Impending Winter Weather?

It may seem premature to start thinking about winter and your furnace, but fall is practically upon us.

And fall is the best time to get your furnace tuned-up and ready for the long Minnesota winter. Here’s why.

Why you need a furnace tune-up now

Think about it this way: if you were going to make a long, cross-country trip in your car, wouldn’t you do a little maintenance on it to make sure it can get you where you need to go? You might check the tire pressure, get the oil changed and fill up the gas tank.

Now, would you do that before the trip or during?

In the same way, your furnace is about to take a long trip through a Minnesota winter. So you should get your annual furnace tune-up completed before winter arrives.

Benefits of a furnace tune-up

Every year, many Rochester homeowners ask us why they need to get their furnace tuned-up by a professional each year.

Your furnace is like your car – it’s a machine with moving parts that needs regular maintenance to continue to function as designed. Like regular vehicle maintenance, furnace tune-ups actually benefit you in a variety of ways, including:

Reducing the chance of breakdowns.One of the main reasons to get your furnace checked out before winter is to make sure there are no problems that could present themselves in the middle of a below-zero night.

Increasing your energy efficiency. Dirt builds up on your furnace while it sits during the summer, which can cause it to run much less efficiently when you need it again. A tune-up involves cleaning important internal parts so that your furnace can run more efficiently. That’s one of the reasons ENERGY STAR recommends you get system tune-ups.

Maintaining manufacturer’s warranty. Just like vehicles require routine oil changes and other maintenance to keep their warranties valid, furnaces must also be maintained regularly or their warranties may become void.

Don’t wait until it’s too late

If you put off your furnace tune-up, you could find yourself in the midst of winter without heat. So don’t wait – schedule your tune-up with Tonna Mechanical today.